Vision and Mission


To become a leading, innovative and internationally recognized Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing dedicated to national and humanity’s interests, imbued with cultural values based on Pancasila.


Improving community health status through excellent education, research, community development and health service, based on local wisdom, ethics, professionalism and evidence-based science integrated in the Academic Health System.


  1. Generating graduates who are able to become the agent-of-change in
    medical and health sectors
  2. Conducting relevant medical and health research which are referred
    nationally and internationally
  3. Supporting sustainable community independence and welfare through
    community service involving alumni and strategic partners
  4. Improving the health and welfare of university and hospital human
    resources through accountable governance


  1. Health promoting campus
  2. Development of teaching materials/educational technology
  3. Development of Smart Classroom
  4. Inter-disciplined, inter-departement and inter-faculty programs and joint appointment
  5. Development of Communities of Practices
  6. Development of social-entrepreneurship unit
  7. Development of research-based strategic health services
  8. Development of research-based health policies
  9. Development of research product and downstream
  10. Integrated Museums: Medical History Museum, Bio-paleo-anthropology Museum, Anatomy Museum
  11. Assisted villages expansion supported by creative endowment
  12. INA-Health TV and Kanal Pengetahuan (knowledge dissemination)
  13. Community service based on research excellences