Center for Human Health and Nutrition (CH2N)

Story Behind the Picture

“CH2N was conducted a study in Asmat district, Papua Province. The study was funded by local government of Asmat. After several months of preparation, research team from CH2N travelled to Asmat to conduct data collection.Asmat is a district in the south of Papua. The area are covered by swamp, and therefore, the Asmat residents build path from wood above it. Water is very difficult and people rely on rain water for drink and bath. The swamp was very dirty since they had no specific means to dispose human waste, and in addition, a lot of plastic waste are observed floating on it.”


Established in July 2000, CH2N aims to facilitate innovations in health care and education, and community nutrition. Currently, the research center is focused on how to solve nutrition problem in the society, including under- and overnutrition. In order to achieve this goal, CH2N has been involved in several studies to identify the cause of malnutrition in Nias, North Sumatra Province and Asmat, Papua Province. The study was conducted in collaboration with the local goverments in Nias and Asmat. The result of the study was formulated into recommendation for the local governments to solve nutrition problems in their area. In order to be able to give higher contribution in tackling nutrition problem at the national level, collaboration with private sectors with strong market influence is necessary. Our mission in this collaboration is to influence the industry to provide products marketed with ethics, safe, and provides adequate nutrients according to the latest findings in science. On the basis of this mission, we have been involved in a product development of nutritional products for children. The activity starts from product development, and sensory evaluation of the product before it was finally marketed. CH2N also conducts seminar and symposium and results from our studies are published in international symposium. Currently, CH2N is involved in the development of district regulation related to food in collaboration with local government of Kebumen District in Central Java.