Center for Health Financing Policy and Health Insurance Management

Story Behind the Picture

“Health Technology Assessment and Economic Evaluation Course were organized by the Center for Health Financing Policy and Health Insurance Management, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada in collaboration with Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam in December 2015. The course were conducted to train students from the Master of Clinical Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Dentistry, and Pharmacy about the basic principles of Health Technology Assessment, Framing Decision Problem, Cost-effectiveness studies and modelling. The participants were expected to have better understanding on economic evaluation of health care technologies and transferability issues.”


To become the center of excellence and trendsetter in development of system, policy, and implementation on health financing and health insurance in Indonesia


The Center for Health Financing Policy and Health Insurance Management are to develop the concept and implementation of health financing system and
health insurance management through scientific research, training and consultation, and network development in local, regional, and global with policy makers, government, non-governmental organizations, and people.

Program Outlines

  1. Research
    Research concerning topics on health financing concepts and health insurance management.
  2. Training
    Strengthening the scientific capacity and professional skills by organizing short courses, thematic skills trainings, and postgraduate educations.
  3. Consultation
    Consultation programs about health financing and health insurance management, including unit cost, managed care, regional health financing and insurance, and health financing in hospital, state-owned enterprises and non-state owned enterprises.

Current Progress

  1. Improving on internal organization:
    (a.) structural and organizational improvement (b.) human resources fulfilment (c.) media improvement, such as website rebuilding
  2. Improving on human resources capacity with current facilities
  3. Developing collaboration with related stakeholders
  4. Evaluating research needs, training, and consultation, corresponding the current labour market needs.

Center’s excellence

  1. Focus on issues on health financing policy and health insurance management
  2. Professional human resources and their expertise
  3. Access to any levels of policy makers, from provincial, regional, and national levels
  4. Integrity and values to devote the expertise on health financing policy and health insurance management to the people and improvement of public health